3D visualization: Pros and Cons

As any service, 3D visualization has its pros and cons.

The main disadvantages of this procedure are reduced to two points:

  • Development of 3D design of one room, its agreement with client, corrections and approval take around two weeks.It is important to understand that you will not simply do your daily businesses in this period, but also have to find time to meet with an architect or designer to see the development’s results, to agree the project or to ask for some changes.
  • In addition to the acquisition of the necessary building materials and paying your repair work team, you should pay for the service of interior 3D design team.


But 3D visualization has the following advantages:

  • opportunity to see the interior before the work starts and, if necessary, to adjust the project, which is much more profitable than to alter anything in the course of repair, when you suddenly realize that the chosen option is inconvenient for you, you do not like it or simply forgot to provide the energy outlets in the places where they were needed.
  • Save money. Except of cases, when you have planned everything perfectly from the very beginning without performing 3D-project, any alteration, replacement of the equipment or of inappropriate furniture is likely to cost you not less than ordering the 3D visualization upfront.
  • Save nerves. After approval of 3D-project, you will not need control the process of repair so carefully and fight with the workers over the inconsistencies of what you’ve imagined in your head and the real result.

In short, 3D visualization makes sense if you have free money and a few spare weeks.If you have thoroughly elaborated your own interior to the smallest detail and a hundred percent sure that the result of works will fit your desires, you can save on 3D visualization and proceed to realization of own project.

3D visualization is now performed almost by every architectural firm, design studio and private specialist in the field of interior design.Of course, the cost of work of organization and of freelance professionals will vary significantly.By choosing cheaper option, from a private specialist, it should be noted that, on the one hand, (s)he will be responsible for his or her work (without shifting it to any of his or her colleagues), but on the other hand, the time required for the private designer to elaborate interior will likely be greater than in the case with architectural or design firm.In addition, choosing a freelance professional, be sure to consider the recommendations and reputation of this person, as the risk of running onto an amateur, poorly performing his or her work, is quite large.


Complex large-scale projects still must be entrusted only to the specialized organizations, having enough highly qualified specialists, allowing to perform 3D project more quickly and accurately than in the case with a private designer.However, addressing the design studio or architectural workshop, you should be prepared that the cost of their services will be significantly higher, due to the considerable expenditures on the maintenance of staff, rental of premises and organizational costs.